Preparing to Teach in Spain

After some deep thinking and extensive research about teaching abroad, I decided to apply to teach in Spain. I was talking with a friend who is currently teaching in Algeciras, Spain, and she was kind enough to send me a link to the webpage for applying to teach English in Spain, as I found the Spanish Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte hard to navigate. Once I was on the actual webpage with all the information I needed, it was a fairly simple process to follow.

Moorish Tiles in the Alhambra

Moorish Tiles in the Alhambra

Everything I needed to know was all laid out on the one page, and it clearly showed the date in which they had updated the information last. I would be applying to begin teaching in October of 2013, and my friend had sent me the link in October 2012 and warned me that the application period opened up at the beginning of November when she had applied. As the calendar inched closer and closer to November I began to get extremely anxious because nothing was being updated on the page. Knowing the Spanish culture, I knew an update would probably come at the last minute if not a few days late, so I knew I should just remain patient.

Sure enough, there was an update at the beginning of November that stated applications would open up in December or January. It also told me what I needed to get ready in order to apply for the program. I need: a copy of my passport, letter of recommendation, copy of my college transcripts or diploma, and a statement of purpose. I immediately began assembling all of these items. The letter of recommendation was the only one I was worried about because I knew it would take time for my college professor to write it. However, she was happy to write it and was able to finish it in a timely fashion.


On the webpage, there was a document called the Profex Manual, which tells the applicant everything they would need to know about applying. Profex is the online system that the Spanish government uses for the application. You have to login to Profex, create an account, and apply there. That’s where you upload all the documents that I had previously assembled. The only document that can be done differently is the letter of recommendation, which your professor or superior at your workplace, if you’ve been out of college for more than 5 years, can mail in on their own if they would prefer. My professor mailed it in herself, but I had requested an electronic copy from her just in case they didn’t receive it and I would need to get it to them quickly.

Each day I would check the webpage just about every hour just to see if they would have any updates on when the application would actually open. Eventually, the update came, and it gave January 10, 2013 as the date that the application would open up. I could hardly wait until that date came as I had already decided to teach abroad.

Overall, the number one thing I would recommend to any prospective applicant is to assemble these documents before the applicant period actually opens up because that way you can apply right away. The quicker you send in your application, the better chance you have of getting accepted and getting the regional placement you want.

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