Teaching Placements Begin!!

The Spanish government just recently began placing first year applicants! I found out while at work and could hardly contain myself! I just wanted to run around screaming in pure excitement. However, I’m just guessing that my boss and co-workers probably would have known something was up, and considering I’m planning on working there until I leave, I don’t think that would have been the best idea. Instead, I sat in my cubicle and bit my tongue, but wasn’t able to focus on work the rest of the day…spreadsheets are hard to focus on any day though…


My inscrita number is 780, so ahead of me are a bunch of second year, renewal placements and then whatever amount of first years are leftover. Therefore, I have to wait for a fair number of others to either accept or deny their placements before I’ll even receive mine. Here’s to hoping it goes quickly!


On my application I chose Andalucía, País Vasco and Castilla-La Mancha as my preferences for my regional placements, which is what I’m waiting to find out. The Facebook group for next years auxiliares has a well organized spreadsheet of when people get placed and where they are getting placed. Not including the weekend, there have been 3 days of placements for first years so far, and roughly 280 have been placed. Judging by where people have been placed up until today, I feel confident that I will get one of my top two placement choices. However, I will still be ecstatic if I get placed somewhere else because I will be fulfilling a lifelong dream of living abroad!

Zarautz, Spain in País Vasco

Zarautz, Spain in País Vasco

Ever since placements began, I’ve been checking my email at least every 15 minutes to see if anything has come through. Nothing yet, but my fingers are crossed that I will hear something by this Friday!!! The closer it gets to knowing that I’ll be going to Spain and accepting my position the more excited I get, which makes me feel confident I am making the right decision to go since just a few weeks ago I wrote about my second guessing of my decision to go teach in Spain (scroll to the bottom of the post).

I cannot wait to find out about where I will be living and teaching for, at least, the next year of my life, and I will be sure to keep you all updated as soon as I hear anything!

18 responses to “Teaching Placements Begin!!

  1. Omigosh this was my liiiiiiiiiife last summer—cycling through Gmail, the Facebook groups, the Expat café forums, the Profex website, and the Google spreadsheet no one ever updated. Half of the reason I was so glad to hear about my placement was so I didn’t have to keep worrying about constantly checking email! (The whole having-a-job and moving-to-Spain thing was good, too hehe). Your time will come soon!!!!!

    • Thanks Trevor! You’re completely right about the fact that I’ll be happy not to have to check my email every 5 minutes…not that I “have to” though. It’s just hard waiting to know where you will be living for the next year, at least…

  2. You’re time’s coming! Today’s the deadline for the first day’s placements to accept or decline, so I think there will be even more placements soon.

  3. Well it seems like they reached the mid-400s today so it’s getting closer to you! I found out last Friday but before that I was exactly the same way, checking absolutely EVERYTHING. Hopefully you’ll find out this week, it’ll be a huge weight off your shoulders. Good luck! 🙂

    • Thank you Lauren! Where did you get placed? I saw #441 in País Vasco on the Facebook group yesterday, so I’m hoping more keep coming! Waiting through another weekend would be tough, so I have my fingers crossed I’ll hear by Friday.

      • I got placed in Madrid, my first choice, but now I’m stuck waiting again for the school placement! Just a never ending cycle of waiting, but worth it in the end 🙂 I saw up to mid-500s yesterday on the spreadsheet though so you may be in luck for knowing by Friday!

  4. 780?! I’m 1611! Haha jk I’m excited for you to get your placement I deleted my Facebook app so I would stop checking so frequently seeing as I have quiteeee a bit of time to wait! You’ll know your placement by the end of next week so be excited!!!

    • Trust me, I’m beyond excited at this point. I believe I have killed the data plan on my phone from refreshing Facebook and my email, even though I know my placement won’t be coming until Friday, at the very earliest, but most likely next week. With 1611, at least you don’t have to worry about not getting a placement. That’s a worry I would not want to have!

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  6. Good luck! My friend just got placed and her inscrita was something like 1,061. You’ll find out soon! I was placed a few days back for my school, but my inscrita was really low, 124. Just be patient and know you’ll hear something with a little bit of time!

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