I Will Be Teaching in Andalucía!

I’ve finally received my regional teaching placement, and I’m in Andalucía! Not only is it beyond exciting to finally receive my placement, but I will be returning to southern Spain – the place I fell in love with so much when I was studying abroad in Granada. Flamenco, tapas, olive oil, wine, warm weather (generally), and all the festivals are just some of the reasons I’m absolutely ecstatic about returning and living there, for an entire year – well school year – this time!

For a little background, Andalucía, or Andalusia in English, is the autonomous community in southern Spain. It stretches from Portugal on the west to the autonomous community of Murcia on the east. It’s bordered on the north by Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, while the Mediterranean Sea abuts it to the south. Covering such a large amount of land, Andalucía is the second largest autonomous community in Spain behind Castilla y León, but it is the most populous one. The provinces that make up Andalucía are: Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga, and Seville with each of their capital cities being the namesake of the province itself.

I’ve traveled quite extensively through Andalucía when I was studying abroad and plan to do so again while I’m living there. It’s a truly fascinating region that many consider to be quintessential Spain. While knowing I’ll be in Andalucía itself excites me, I’m still dying to know what city I’ll be located in. That way I’ll be able to see where I will actually be living and learn everything about it and the area around it that I can.

Plaza de España

Plaza de España – Sevilla, Spain

Granada, the city I’ve most fallen in love with, calls to me on a daily basis and I frequently walk around town on GoogleMaps street view, exploring the nooks and crannies of the winding streets I would walk down daily about 3 years ago. While being placed in Granada, or most likely a smaller city outside it, would be thrilling, I would be just as enamored with a new city that I haven’t lived in or haven’t visited for more than a quick weekend. The newness of discovering an unknown city would be just as fun as when I discovered Granada for the first time.

There is no specific timetable for when I will find out about what city I will be placed in, and even though its killing me to wait, I am content knowing that I’ll be in Andalucía for now. Maybe after another week I’ll be getting anxious. A few auxiliares have already found out their city and school placements, but the vast majority have not. City and school placements are done at random based on when your school is ready to place someone, has their paperwork in, or just generally gets around to offering the position to you. If past years are any indication of how long I’ll have to wait, it could be tomorrow or mid-July, so keep checking back for an update!

Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba, Spain

While I’m waiting for my elusive placement, I have a myriad of activities that will be keeping me busy…and from incessantly checking my email to see if the Spanish government sent me anything. As you can imagine, I can hardly wait to find where exactly I will be living next year! This is both an incredibly exciting and somewhat exhausting process, but I do know that in the end it will all be worth it.

Have you been to Andalucía before? What did you think of it? Do you have a favorite city in Andalucía or somewhere specific you would want to be placed?

18 responses to “I Will Be Teaching in Andalucía!

  1. Congratulations, Mike! This is so exciting and I’m so glad you’ll get to come back to the region you studied abroad in. Have you requested a specific province or are you just going potluck with your placement? I think it would be fun to work in the western half of the region after studying in the eastern side. Let me know if you get placed in Jaén province!

    (Now, I hate to be *that* guy, but Castilla y León is actually the largest autonomía by area—Andalucía’s 2nd—and Andalucía is actually the most populous one—Madrid is 3rd. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranked_lists_of_Spanish_autonomous_communities)

    • Thank you Trevor! I didn’t request a specific province. I’ll be happy with anywhere and will definitely let you know if I’m placed in Jaén!

      Don’t worry about being “that”guy. It was some quick, shoddy, sleep deprived research on my part. I’ll get it changed once I am at my computer.

  2. “Granada, the city I’ve most fallen in love with, calls to me on a daily basis and I frequently walk around town on GoogleMaps street view, exploring the nooks and crannies of the winding streets I would walk down daily about 3 years ago” Haha googlemaps is keeping me up late at night! CONGRATULATIONS MIKE!

    • Thanks Careese! I’m excited to find out about your placement! I thinking early this week based how they’ve been going so far. It’s nice to know there’s someone else who is exploring on GoogleMaps as much as me too!

  3. Congrats! You should get your pueblo placement soon. I got mine only a couple of weeks after my regional placement! They seem to really be hammering out the school and pueblo placements. I’ll be in Jaen. Maybe we’ll be neighbors!

    • I’m hoping to get my city and school placement soon! That’d be great to know a neighbor! I’ll keep you updated on any news about a placement.

  4. felicidades!! last year my school placement came very quickly after my regional placement so you may not have to wait long. Just enough time to try and start getting used to the thick Andalusian accents 😉 I had a ball this year exploring the Cadiz region.

    • Thanks! I’ve constantly been checking my email ever since I got my regional placement. The Andalusian accent definitely threw me for a loop when I studied abroad in Granada. My host mom would always question why I would choose to study abroad in Andalusia because of the strong accent. I’m definitely looking forward to exploring the area that I’m eventually placed!

      • No – if I continue doing the program I’ll be in Madrid. Being in a smaller town in Cadiz was perfect for my first year but I feel content now to go back to the city. I also wanted to choose a different region just to have a different experience (even if some people say Madrid is “less authentic” pfft). Being in a smaller place for my first year was the very best thing for me to learn Spanish.

      • Cool. I’m in the same boat as you. Since this will be my first year, I’m just happy to be living in Spain and increasing my Spanish skills. I’m open to being placed wherever. If you do the program again, I have no doubts Madrid will be great.

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    • Thanks Molly, and thanks for the email about Almuñécar! I would love to live in Granada, but it may to far or expensive of a commute to Almuñécar for work 4 days a week.

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