My Spanish Student Visa Has Arrived!

After just over a month of anxiously checking the mail each and every day, my Spanish Student Visa is finally here! I believe these gifs encapsulate all of the emotions I experienced when I saw the envelope sitting there when I got home from work.

Now if only I could grow a mustache like all of these cultural icons.

Also, thank you Olivia from Travels Untranslated for the Ron Swanson gif. I now know exactly how you felt, and Ron Swanson fully explains it. I also may or may not have celebrated getting my Spanish Visa like Mr. Swanson.

I was getting worried because others from the Chicago Consulate got their Visas in exactly a month. There were many near freak out moments. I’m convinced the long Labor Day weekend delayed me getting my Visa for a few days – just long enough for me to start freaking out! Maybe I should start supporting the USPS more, so that future auxiliares will still have mail delivered on Saturdays.

So now that I have my Spanish Visa in hand, I will be purchasing my plane ticket, quitting my job, preparing for my NIE/TIE application, and packing, which I have put off even remotely thinking about until this point. And yes, my Mom has been relentlessly questioning me about how my packing has been going.

Have you received your Visa yet? Any tips for my NIE/TIE application or for packing? Are your parents freaking out at all?

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