Applying to Teach in Spain: Round 2

A year ago, I applied to be an auxiliar de conversación and teach English in Spain. If you’ve been following my blog, then you already know that there was a change of plans, and I gave up my auxiliar position in Almuñecar, Spain. Needless to say, I applied again this year again. However, I did somethings differently from last year.

Profex application process – This was a pleasant surprise that I honestly did not expect. I signed on to profex right at 6:00pm (Spanish time) on January 9 and filled out my application as quickly as possible. I flew through everything aaaaannnnnnnddd…..Inscrita #13! I couldn’t believe it! Profex froze up on me last year and was offline all weekend. I waited around until the Ministerio’s application system – Profex – was back up and running and wound up with inscrita #780. The truth is that you will most likely be placed even if your number is up in the 4,000’s. You just might be wait listed first.

Region preferences – Andalucía, País Vasco, and Castilla-La Mancha were my choices last time, and as I previously stated, I was placed in my first choice while being number 780. I switched it up this time around and ordered my region preferences as such: La Rioja, Andalucía, and Galicia. I’m not sure why I switched it up, but just decided to as I was applying. The only thing I really know about La Rioja is that Liz Carlson of Memoirs of a Young Adventuress was an auxiliar there in the city of Logroño. We’ll see where I end up because I know La Rioja doesn’t get that many placements compared to the likes of other regions like Madrid and Andalucía.

La Rioja (Source)

La Rioja (Source)

School preferences –  I also switched from requesting a primary school to being indifferent on whether it was primary or secondary school. It’s a relatively minor difference from last year that is probably not of too much concern to most, but it’s a difference nonetheless.

Liz Carlson with her students (Source)

Liz Carlson with her students (Source)

As a reminder to those considering teaching English in Spain, here is a guide detailing How to Apply to Teach English in Spain through Spanish Government. The profex application process is not as terrible as many people describe it to be. Yes, it can be confusing, but if you follow the “How to” guide and their manuals, you will be golden. Also, I am living proof that it is possible to get a super low inscrita number.

Do you have any thoughts on La Rioja and/or teaching in primary vs. secondary schools?

8 responses to “Applying to Teach in Spain: Round 2

  1. I think La Rioja/Logroño will be a great choice—and there’s a lot less risk about getting placed in complete middle-of-nowhere. I honestly don’t know anything about the region except that my trenhotel from Zaragoza (started in Barcelona) passed through Logroño’s train station on the way to Galicia!

    • I’m really excited for La Rioja, especially because I’ve never been there before. I think that’s the reason I picked it over Andalucía, even though I wouldn’t complain if I were placed there!

  2. You shouldn´t have trouble being placed in La RIoja if that´s where you want to be! I believe this year there were 2-3 positions that were never filled. How exciting! I´m hoping to be placed in Logroño again for my second year, so perhaps we´ll be meeting soon

    • That’s great to hear and makes me really excited that a La Rioja placement sounds entirely possible! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my placement, Courtney.

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    • That’s great to hear! They just started placing renewals last week, so I’m thinking I should hear something by mid-April.

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