Study Abroad

Studying abroad is something that many, if not most, college students consider at one point throughout their college years. However, of those who consider it few actually end up studying abroad. It’s an opportunity that will not present itself later in life, and it is my opinion that you should take advantage of it while in college.

I had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Granada, Spain during the spring of 2010. It is an experience that I look back on daily and smile. You are able to travel, learn, and experience something not everyone gets to do. If you are considering studying abroad, I say do it! 

Being so near and dear to my heart, I feel as though it’s important to share my study abroad advice and information with others either studying abroad or considering studying abroad. I’ve put together all my study abroad resources and posts below.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute to this section of my site, please feel free to contact me.

There are countless study abroad programs out there. You just need to find the one that fits you!

Why You Should Study Abroad

10 Pieces of Advice for Study Abroad

Learning Spanish Before Going to Spain

My Study Abroad Experience

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