Teach English in Spain

Auxiliar de Conversación – North American Language & Culture Assistants Program in Spain

The Auxiliar de Conversación program in Spain places Americans and other English speaking nationalities in Spanish schools to teach students English and various aspects of culture from their said country. For Americans and Canadians, it’s also commonly referred to as the North American Language & Culture Assistant program. It is an incredibly simple way, and one of the only legal ways, to be able to live and work in Spain as an American or Canadian. The application and acceptance process are also very easy with little to no competition in terms of requirements.

The Spanish government –Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte – places admitted applicants in public Spanish elementary and high schools. Outside of Madrid, and auxiliar de conversación works 12 hours per week and makes 700 euros per month. In Madrid, they work 16 hours per week and make 1,000 euros per month. While it’s certainly not tons of money, the lower cost of living in Spain makes it a livable wage. Plus, there’s always the opportunity for auxiliares to take on private lessons for some extra cash.

Living abroad has always been a dream of mine, so naturally when I first found out about this program through a friend I looked into it and decided it was something I wanted to do. However, I put off doing it for two years after I graduated college – mostly because of a job. Needless to say, I’m quitting my safe, stable, and uninspiring job and will be fulfilling a lifelong dream to live and teach abroad.

As I’m new to the auxiliar de conversación program in Spain, I by no means have all the answers, but I am learning as I go and hoping to find those answers. I’m hoping my experience, both the ups and downs, will help guide others through this process and aid in their decision making of whether to teach English in Spain with the auxiliar de conversación program or not.

Auxiliar de Conversación – North American Language & Culture Assistants Program 

Blog Posts About My Journey

I will continue to update this with information about the auxiliar de conversación program as well as about life in Spain as I experience it, so continue looking for updates!

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  9. I am excited to follow your journey to Spain. I am looking into applying for next years program and I am always excited to hear someone else’s story in Spain.

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